Just a little background story to some of the photo albums, and anything else that crosses my mind.

Black Cherry Fair 2024

It was time for the Black Cherry Fair procession again, so of I went with the camera.

Green Turtle

Video of an amazing encounter with a green turtle...

It's been a long time.

I've missed taking the camera out. So off I went.

At Last...

I've finally got around to making an Instagram account...

Remember, remember...

An evening of fireworks at Desborough...

Oh Deer

Oh, you said Deer...

Coming in to Land (on Water)

Suddenly a young heron appeared.

Up Close Again

Another outing with the macro lens watching the bees.

A Sudden Burst of Sunflowers

The sunflowers were looking particularly fab today.

Up Close with Blooms & Bees

A break in the rain and as the sun came out, so did the bees.

Grebe Update #4 (with Red Kite)

Another outing to check how the grebes are doing. Although there are only 2 chicks in the photos, chick number 3 was having too much fun down river.

Black Cherry Fair 2023

I made it to another Black Cherry Fair procession for a few photos.

An Afternoon at Passford House

A sunny afternoon in the lovely 'Monet Garden' at Passford House in the New Forest.

Grebe Family Update + Other Flying Friends

A quick outing to check up on the grebes and all 3 chicks are doing well and getting bigger.

Website Update

An updated look for the website with some new content and features.

Grebes' Family Outing (with Friends)

Having previously watched the Grebes' courtship dances, their nest building and egg laying, it was a real treat to finally see them out on the river with their new family.

Sunshine, Grebes & Kingfishers

I received a surprise email on Monday from Brian, a friend and fellow photographer. This lead to a few more emails, a phone call and ultimately a very pleasant afternoon by the river.