Hi, I'm Nigel

and I love to take photos.

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  • Grebe Family Update + Other Flying Friends

    Grebe Family Update + Other Flying Friends

    A quick outing to check up on the grebes and all 3 chicks are doing well and getting bigger.
  • Website Update

    Website Update

    An updated look for the website with some new content and features.
  • Grebes' Family Outing (with Friends)

    Grebes' Family Outing (with Friends)

    Having previously watched the Grebes' courtship dances, their nest building and egg laying, it was a real treat to finally see them out on the river with their new family.
  • Sunshine, Grebes & Kingfishers

    Sunshine, Grebes & Kingfishers

    I received a surprise email on Monday from Brian, a friend and fellow photographer. This lead to a few more emails, a phone call and ultimately a very pleasant afternoon by the river.

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