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    Hello and Welcome.

    I'm Nigel and I love to take photos.

    From Nature to the Studio. From Portraits to Events.

    Have a look through the galleries and albums, and feel free to say 'Hi' on the Contact panel.

  • Nature <i class="fas fa-leaf"></i>


    Photos from Outdoors.

    All things bright and beautiful.

  • Studio <i class="fas fa-lightbulb"></i>


    For products and set pieces.

    The Studio is the place.

  • Portraits <i class="fas fa-portrait"></i>


    A more personal touch.

    Photos to keep and share.

  • Events <i class="fas fa-birthday-cake"></i>


    Family get-togethers, events and displays.

    Capturing the small details of a big day.

  • Privacy


    For privacy protection, albums can be locked and secured with a password.

    Shhh! It's a secret.

What's New?

The latest photos and albums added to the galleries

3 random photos from each of the 3 latest albums.

Fireworks at Desborough

BoatSource Day Out

Liane Matthews Ceramics

Please Consider...

If you've had a photo-shoot, or just enjoyed the photos here, and would like to make a contribution towards the birdseed and coffee fund, it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Free Downloads

Many of the photos are free to download for personal, non-commercial use.

If you'd like a full sized image without watermark, please let me know on the Contact panel.


To help identify the birds I encounter, I refer to the RSPB's website.

They have many ways for you to get involved, including the 'Big Garden Birdwatch'.



To help identify moths and butterflies, I use the Butterfly Conservation's website.

They also organise an annual 'Big Butterfly Count' where you can join in and send them your butterfly sightings.

Butterfly Conservation

Damsels & Dragons

For damselfly and dragonfly identification, I use the British Dragonfly Society's website.

Again, they have plenty of ways for you to help and join in.

British Dragonfly Society

Site News

✨ New - Theme Button

Photographs can have a completely different look, depending on their background.

So, I've added a new 'Theme' button to switch the contrast of the website between light and dark.

You can find it in the bottom right corner, or try it here.

Gallery Layout

Photographs are organised into 4 galleries.

Explore each gallery using the buttons at the top of the screen, or try them here.

Coming Soon

I'll be adding the option to order high resolution, archive quality prints in a range of sizes.

Friday 21 January 2022

Hi, Nigel here

I hope you've enjoyed some of the photos during your visit.

If you'd like to get in touch about any of them, or maybe you'd like some photos taken, send me a message using the form below, or there's the Facebook gubbins 😊

Thank you, and take care,




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